Thursday, October 01, 2009

[Interbike 2009]
Interbike this year was a little more subdued this year due to the current economic climate. But, we still enjoyed ourselves plus our time in Las Vegas and saw some really great product. Attached is a slide show of the pictures took while at the outdoor and indoor show. Some highlights this year:

Moots. Moots' new RSL road frame is simply amazing. We never thought they could improve on the discontinued SL frame. But, they did indeed hit the ball way out of the park on this one. Think complete bike weight for a titanium bike that matches most carbon frames on the market. In addition to the new frame, Moots debuted a new lighter stem, anodized frame/stem/seat post parts and a new branded Alpha Q forks. And don't forget the special 10th anniversary decal set for the MootoX YBB celebrating its special birthday.

BH. The new G5 probably is one of the best carbon frames that Frank has ridden in a while in his humble opinion. Sporting a new custom EDGE Composites fork, the bike just rode incredibly well with a great balance between stiffness and ride quality. A great upgrade to the line along with the already wonderful Connect and Speedrom frames. Check out the pictures of the G5 built with EDGE wheels Frank took at the EDGE Composites booth.

Pivot. The Fox rear shocks on all the frames going forward now have improved valving. Pivot and Fox worked very hard to further improve the rear shock valving and now have even better ride characteristics especially in the second stage of the shock travel. We came away very impressed with the improvements in what we already thought was one of the best full suspension frames on the market. Pivot also unveiled 'Lunchbox' kits in several colors which allows riders to add some color to their Pivot frames. The 429 is now offered in a black anodized color as well. Pivot also came away with two MTBR awards.

Serotta/SICI. Some of our customers know we are now the new Serotta dealer for the Triangle. We are excited to now offer custom steel and carbon fiber frames to our customers in addition to our wonderful titanium offering, Moots. One item in particular coming from Serotta and SICI is a new fit bike. As most know, Frank is a tool freak, and this new fit bike is just plain out of this world. We are looking forward to adding this new tool to our fit stable when they become available next year. Look for more details and our insight about Serotta in the next few weeks.

Chris King. We love all things Chris King, and they did not disappoint us at Interbike. We are one of the first retailers in the United States to get the new InSet tools and headsets and have been quietly installing them on customers Pivots and Giants in the weeks leading up to Interbike. More information to be posted soon about these new headsets. Later this year, we will start receiving the new Swift road hubs. These new hubs have reduced weight via titanium ratchet rings and will be available in lower spoke counts. We rode the new hubs and are very excited to be able to offer these as an option with Frank's hand built wheels. We are also quietly working on Chris King about other products which we hope to be able to offer at some point next year. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the photos. This information and these photos are only a sampling of what we rode and looked at Interbike. If you have any questions or comments, send us an e-mail or stop by the store. Thanks for looking.